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TUBERCULOSIS IN CHILDREN- RECENT ADVANCES   India has a huge problem of Tuberculosis and Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis. India has one of the highest TB burdens globally, accounting for 20% of the new 8.6 million TB cases annually. While the burden of childhood TB in India is not known, regional data from the [...]


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NEONATAL SEIZURES   Definition of Neonatal Seizures A stereotypic, paroxysmal spell of altered neurologic function (behavior, motor, and/or autonomic  function) Neonatal period limited to : - first 28 days for term infants - 44 weeks gestational age for pre-term First sign of neurological dysfunction Powerful predictors of long-term cognitive and developmental impairment Frequency Incidence of [...]


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An interesting case of tuberous sclerosis Tuberous Sclerosis   HISTORY  2 years old female child  of non consanguinous marriage —Convulsions  since 6 months of age —-about 1 episode /month —-right focal —-each episode lasting for 20 minutes —-associated with fever —- was treated as a case of atypical febrile seizures  by a private practitioner with [...]

Epilepsy and Healthy Life for child

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Increasingly, I see lot of parents showing concerns over stressful educational life of their kids. The academics in India is very competitive and makes it challenging for children to keep up with their peer group. Now consider this for an epilepsy child patients. How do you cope up with this stressful academics without putting yourself [...]

5 Main Triggers for epileptic seizure

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Epilepsy is a chronic neurological condition that causes recurrent seizures. Seizures can be a devastating, life challenging condition. Epilepsy can be inherited. It can also be caused by damage to the brain. Often the cause is not known. Epilepsy is fairly common. Many people have it. It affects about one of every 100 people. In the United [...]

Child Neurologist

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What Is a Child Neurologist? Infants and children should be referred to a pediatric neurologist or epileptologist at the onset of the first unprovoked seizure (seizure not triggered by infection or fever), especially if the seizures occur often or are prolonged (lasting more than 5 minutes).   It is important that a child is diagnosed and [...]

What is epilepsy?

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Epilepsy is a neurological disorder. It is not contagious, and it is manageable. Sometimes also referred to as “Seizure Disorder,” epilepsy is diagnosed after an individual has experienced two or more unprovoked seizures, meaning that the seizure did not occur as a result of a brain infection or, in children under the age of 6, [...]

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