How to use Digital Media for education safely?

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Online Classes have become a trend now. Right from nursery to college going students, everyone knows how it works. But does this mean it’s harmful for your kids to be exposed to the mobile or laptop screens almost 5 to 6 hours a day? Can continuous gaming prove to be fatal? Well, this article will [...]

How to reduce TV addiction in children?

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Nowadays, parents complaint about their children getting addicted to the Idiot Box, commonly called as the 'Television' or 'TV'. Especially currently during the lockdown, this issue is a prime concern of most parents. How serious is this issue? The parent's concerns are not wrong at all, because over-exposure to screens can cause health issues like [...]

Child Neurologist

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What Is a Child Neurologist? Infants and children should be referred to a pediatric neurologist or epileptologist at the onset of the first unprovoked seizure (seizure not triggered by infection or fever), especially if the seizures occur often or are prolonged (lasting more than 5 minutes).   It is important that a child is diagnosed and [...]

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