My 2-year old child is not speaking yet, should I be worried?

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Parents are often excited about the moments when kids reach the respective developmental milestones as they grow up. But when your child does not speak even after completing 2 years of age, it becomes a subject of worry. Is your child able to listen to sounds? Can your child understand what you are saying? Can [...]

My child always fails in exams, should I be worried?

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Does your child have difficulty in understanding basic concepts? Is your kid unable to read a statement in one-go without interruptions? It is possible your child has difficulty in learning, that is, he/she may have a Learning Disability. What is a Learning Disability? A child with learning disability has a problem in either taking in [...]


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TUBERCULOSIS IN CHILDREN- RECENT ADVANCES   India has a huge problem of Tuberculosis and Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis. India has one of the highest TB burdens globally, accounting for 20% of the new 8.6 million TB cases annually. While the burden of childhood TB in India is not known, regional data from the [...]

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