Increasingly, I see lot of parents showing concerns over stressful educational life of their kids. The academics in India is very competitive and makes it challenging for children to keep up with their peer group. Now consider this for an epilepsy child patients. How do you cope up with this stressful academics without putting yourself in harms way? Below is my advice based on our patient experience. I would give some tips for Epilepsy care.

  1. Don’t skip medication.
    Seizures can be provoked simply by missing a dose or two of medication. Precaution is better than cure in Epilepsy care. We suggest not to skip any dosages in any circumstances. For your kids, these medications are as important as morning breakfast.
  2. Sleep well – Avoid TV.
    Sleep deprivation is known to be a seizure trigger. A regular sleep routine — going to bed at approximately the same time each night and waking at the same time in the morning — promotes good sleep. it is important in Epilepsy care. Avoid overstimulation, such as watching television, before bedtime. If sleep problems persist, request a sleep assessment from your doctor. Daily routine exercises can help you get a good night sleep. Sleep is as important as your meal, so don’t deprive your kids of a good night sleep. Many Indian parents have habit of drinking tea which they pass on to their kids. Try keeping your kid away from caffeine, tea, cold drinks etc.
  3. Avoid visual triggers. Don’t watch movies in the dark!
    Some kids with epilepsy are sensitive to light. Many a times parents dont realise that flickering television images, video games, and flashing lights can trigger seizures. If any child with epilepsy is watching television, experts advise that the rest of the room be well lit and that the viewer be at least eight feet away from the TV.
  4. Eat well and maintain a diary
    Eat 6 meal course every day. Keep a log of it to see how your kids growth is progressing. In case of any anomaly it becomes easier for the doctors to suggest necessary course correction. Now a days with nutrition apps, you can keep record of calorie consumption as well.

In our next article, we will cover how to manage educational challenges for your kids with epilepsy problem.