Nowadays, parents complaint about their children getting addicted to the Idiot Box, commonly called as the ‘Television‘ or ‘TV‘.
Especially currently during the lockdown, this issue is a prime concern of most parents.

How serious is this issue?
The parent’s concerns are not wrong at all, because over-exposure to screens can cause health issues like headache and vision problems. A clear cut example of that can be the fact that so many kids have thick lens spectacles at around the age of 5 or 6.
This issue is taken lightly by some parents which increase the amount of cases of health problems in children. It takes a toll on the lifestyle also because excess TV watching can cause disturbances in the sleep-wake cycle (Circadian Rhythm), thus affecting the Hypothalamus.
Hypothalamus controls the hunger, thirst, sleep-wake cycle, temperature regulation etc. If the Hypothalamus is affected, it can cause disturbances in all the above functions which can cause serious harm at times.

So what can the parents do?
Kids usually get addicted to TV because of many reasons which parents are unaware of.
Here are some DOs and DONTs which many parents badly need to know:

  • Stop taking your child’s tantrums so lightly
    The earlier you implement it, the better it is. This step has to be taken in the early childhood phase. During the early childhood phase, a child should be taught about what’s good and what’s bad. Rewarding your child for bad behavior can cause the child to be so care-free and naughty, that in the later stages, even if parents tell them to do the right thing, they do not listen at all.
  • Learn to say “NO”
    Make firm decisions. Both the parents should make sure that children are not given whatever they ask for. Fulfill your child’s needs, but not so much that, it in turn will harm you and your kid in the near future.
  • Set a time limit for all the activities
    Right from watching TV to playing with toys, fix a time for everything. This will teach them the importance of discipline and they will get time to focus on academics. This will also ensure that enough attention is given to recreational and co-curriculum activities.
  • Parents should also follow the rule of watching limited TV
    Parents themselves need to follow a proper time-table of doing all the daily activities. When at home, they should participate with kids in all the activities as much as possible. Help in their homework, if needed. After all, kids tend to mimic their parents and learn whatever they see.
  • Do not be a workaholic
    Give time to your family, and especially your kids. Avoiding them due to working overtime and not giving enough attention can cause the children to spend more time on videogames and TV.
  • Do any household chores with them
    Such small activities like folding clothes, helping in cooking, cleaning and washing will make them more responsible. Also, it will decrease your workload and those sessions would surely be a Stress-Buster! Make such bonding sessions interactive and fun so that they should not feel like touching the TV remote often.
  • Interact with them and keep them busy
    Make your kids read informative story books and keep them engrossed in art & craft. Telling them stories with good morals and by using pop culture or any trendy references you can make it like an infotainment session.

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