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TUBERCULOSIS IN CHILDREN- RECENT ADVANCES   India has a huge problem of Tuberculosis and Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis. India has one of the highest TB burdens globally, accounting for 20% of the new 8.6 million TB cases annually. While the burden of childhood TB in India is not known, regional data from the [...]


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NEONATAL SEIZURES   Definition of Neonatal Seizures A stereotypic, paroxysmal spell of altered neurologic function (behavior, motor, and/or autonomic  function) Neonatal period limited to : - first 28 days for term infants - 44 weeks gestational age for pre-term First sign of neurological dysfunction Powerful predictors of long-term cognitive and developmental impairment Frequency Incidence of [...]


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MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY   Muscular dystrophy (MD) is a group of inherited diseases that are characterized by weak muscles that get progressively weaker with age. MD mainly affects the skeletal muscles. In some types of MD the heart muscle is affected. In others, mental ability may be reduced. In late stage MD, fat and connective tissue [...]

Brain MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

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Brain MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Magnetic resonance imaging (BRAIN MRI) is a way of taking pictures of the inside of the body without X-rays. MRI uses a strong magnet to make the pictures. This is called an MRI scan. MRI Brain is imaging of brain.   An MRI scan is fairly noisy but does not [...]


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MANAGEMENT OF CEREBRAL PALSY Definition Cerebral palsy is a group of disorder of the development of movement and posture, causing activity limitation, that are attributed to non progressive disturbance that occurred in the developing brain . The motor disorder of CP  is  often accompanied by disturbance of sensation , cognition communication perception and/or by [...]

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