Online Classes have become a trend now. Right from nursery to college going students, everyone knows how it works.
But does this mean it’s harmful for your kids to be exposed to the mobile or laptop screens almost 5 to 6 hours a day?
Can continuous gaming prove to be fatal?
Well, this article will answer some common concerns of parents.

  • Is Digital Media advantageous?
    The world is a slave of technology. Technology has the ability to make our work better and also to make our health worse. Digital media has helped teachers take online classes to complete their syllabus and ensured students continue their education.
    Students have been able to learn from different apps and videos online which provide extra study material. Different education platforms on YouTube have emerged over the years. Videos with practical demonstration of concepts have been useful for children because of the vast theory based learning in schools.
  • Is it safe for our children?
    Every parent is concerned about their child’s safety and they have been taking care of their health since birth. The kids of current generation grow up with technology besides them at every step. Digital media has been a topic of debate for a long time. But, everything has it’s advantages and disadvantages.
    It is not possible that all kids get affected by the screen exposure. Every human body is different. Some may show symptoms like headache and blurred vision later. Whereas, some kids who already have had spectacles since childhood may experience stress on their eyes. Few kids may not even be affected, but that doesn’t mean precautions shouldn’t be taken.
    Remember, precautions are better than cure.
  • Should I be worried about online harassment?
    Cyber-bullying is one of the most common form of harassment nowadays.
    Remember, social media is accessible to all kinds of people. So, never be under the misconception that everyone who’s social media appearance seems good has to be a good person in real life.
    Mental harassment by random and strange profiles have even caused small children to go into depression.
    If they’re being harassed or bullied online, as kids, they have no idea what to do or how to react in such a situation. Often kids get scared to talk to their parents about being bullied leading to dangerous consequences.
  • What about video games, mobile games and education games?
    Research suggests that gaming can make your child violent, but some researchers also say it can improve their decision making skills. So if we think from a sensible point of view, I feel gaming can be allowed but very limited time should be allotted to it. Parents need to explain their kids how harmful gaming can be.
    Education games have made children so addicted to it that even if told to take breaks from the games, children tend to not listen to their parents. These educational games can be so mind controlling.
    Some children take advantage of having a mobile or laptop and start playing other games instead. When those addictive games catch your child’s attention, it’s difficult to get them out of that digital trap.
    Mobile gaming or video games of all types, whether shooting games or puzzle games, all these games are designed to get the player addicted so that it would profit the gaming companies.
    Also, parents shouldn’t give their smartphones to kids in order to pacify them. That’s a very common thing seen nowadays. Such exposure to the screens right from childhood can prove fatal.
  • What can you do as a parent?
    It might be a tough job to make your kids understand how technology can harm us.
    You need to convince your kids in such a manner that they not only realise their fault but also ensure they don’t get frustrated. Technology either in the form of social media or gaming, it can make your kids angry if told to stay away from it. So, what should you do?
    First of all, set an example. Children get inspired by looking at what parents do. So, ensure you don’t use your phone or laptop unless it’s really important. Don’t get addicted to social media life so much that you don’t realise there are people around you. Neglecting kids often results into them becoming rebels.
    Secondly, give them time to overcome their addiction, if any. All of a sudden you won’t find changes in your kid. So, be patient.
    Then, give them examples of people who have been affected badly due to social media. Make your kids aware about cyber-bullying. Educate them about harassment and how can it affect people physically and mentally.

    Talk to your kids on a regular basis. Make them feel safe, let them open up to you.

Technology and Digital Media platforms are made by us, but slowly this world is becoming upside down such that, technology is controlling our life.

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